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Spec Miata Roll Cage Kit


  • Autopower 'Spec Miata' roll cage kit meets SCCA requirements when properly installed.
  • This kit requires good welding and fabrication skills and should not be installed by the novice builder, refer to your SCCA rulebook for exact installation specifications.
Spec Miata Roll Cage Kit


  • Removal and or modification of these items are required, convertible top, seats, carpet, and driver side door.


  • The main hoop and rear brace area of the car must be located for the welding of the base plates.
  • The rear deck sheet material must be trimmed.
  • With the main hoop tack welded in place you can then fit and tack weld the front down tubes, door guards, and front firewall braces.
  • DO NOT weld any tubes until all have been fit and tack welded.
Spec Miata Roll Cage Kit