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Covers and Padding

SFI-45.1 Roll Bar & Cage Padding


This is the padding you need for competition. Includes self-stick Velcro mounting. Most commonly attached with zip ties.

  • High impact, high density for maximum protection.
  • "C" shaped padding comes in 3-foot lengths.
  • Conforms to any tube bend or shape.
SFI 45.1 Roll Bar & Roll Cage Padding
SFI Approved 45.1
Approved 45.1

High Density Foam Padding

89150 - Black

The offset hold design allows you to direct maximum pad thickness toward the driver. Split back design allows for easy installation and alignment.

  • High density foam padding is available in 3-foot lengths.
  • Offset center hole allows thicker padding to be directed toward driver.
High Density Foam Padding

Street Roll Bar Covers

6950 - Most Street Sport Cars

6951 - MR2 Spyder, Mazda Miata

6960 - Most Street Coupes, Sedans

Give your new roll bar that finished custom look and feel. Conforms closely to roll bar, the sewn-in design allows it to wrap around tight bends and braces without buckling, for a smooth, professional look.

  • Black Naugahyde foam rubber backed cover.
  • Fastens with a combination of aggressive Velcro and chrome snaps.
  • Fits closely around bends and braces in a smooth, neat appearing manner.
  • Includes cover for roll bar and rear braces.
Street Roll Bar Covers