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Bolt-In Hardware


Bolt-in hardware for driver restraint systems.

Snap-In Hardware


Snap-in hardware for driver restraint systems.

Harness Pads


A tightly fastened and adjusted harness is the best way for protection. Over time, the harness can become uncomfortable and take attention away from competition. These fire retardant form pads slide over your shoulder harness straps, adding comfort and safety. Available in pairs and black only.

Harness Pads
Harness Pads

Harness Pad Retainer Clamps

10150 1 1/2"
10175 1 3/4"

The harness clamps will keep your shoulder harness secured and centered on the harness tube. They eliminate sliding of the shoulder belts during hard cornering. Made from 6061 aluminum, they complete a properly installed racing seatbelt system. Priced per pair.

Harness Clamp
Harness Pads Mounted