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Universal Window Net Kit


Window Net Kit will add additional driver security to your roll cage. Some sanctioning organizations require a window net system for competition.

  • Measures 18" x 24", made of 1" double sewn webbing.
  • SFI 27.1 certified safety nets are black.
SFI Approved 45.1
Approved 27.1
Universal Window Net Kit

Includes 3/8" steel rods, adjustable spring loaded release, and tabs can be clamped or welded to your cage.

Rod Insert Detail Net Hardware

Window Net Kit For Cage


Featuring a new quick release forward latch, this net kit is designed for a weld-in installation. It is made of 1" double sewn ­webbing and measures 15" x 21" with 3/8" steel rods.

  • Fits smaller late model cars.
  • SFI 27.1 certified safety nets are black.

Quick Release Latch System Attach and release this latch system quickly and easily with one hand. Net tension is adjustable.

Latch Open